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Our Team.

Growing Opportunities has a highly committed leadership team with extensive experience in regenerative agriculture, farming, produce marketing/sales, nutrition and co-operative land use arrangements.


To govern, Growing Opportunities practices sociocracy, a consent-based decision making model, reflecting the co-op's core values of inclusion and equality.

Board of Directors

  • Jen Cody, Director

  • Isabelle Morris, Director 

  • Heather Pritchard, Director

  • Ben Glassen, Director

With gratitude to our inspiring founder Craig Evans, Chairman Emeritus. 

Growing Opportunities Team

Growing Opportunities has a strong team of employees who are at the heart of the work we do in the community. While we have more employees during the growing season, during the fall/winter months our core team is comprised of:

  • Rhianna Solomon, Farm Production Manager

  • Jesyka Clarkson, Education Coordinator & Field Support Mentor

  • Geoff Stathers, Farm Produce Marketing & Distribution Coordinator 

We are also supported by a dedicated group of volunteers. 

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