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Growing Opportunities

Our Vision

Community Farming 

Growing Opportunities Farm Community Co-op believes in a community-based food system that is equitable, empowering and capable of regenerating the land through hands-on opportunities for people of all skills and abilities. 

Our projects celebrate diversity and strive to inspire collaboration through the combined contributions of individuals in our work force, community organizations and a growing base of volunteers. ​


Our History

Rooted in community

Growing Opportunities is a non-profit farming co-operative that began farming in 2008 with an all-volunteer crew of beginner farmers on a plot of land at Providence Farm, under the leadership of our founder Craig Evans.

In the spring of 2012, Growing Opportunities was invited to set up operations at Wyndlow Farms in Yellow Point and funding was obtained to hire a co-op development officer. Growing Opportunities Farm Community Co-op was incorporated under the Cooperative Association Act in April 2013.


Growing Opportunities is a Community Service Cooperative. This is a special designation created in BC in 2007 through the Cooperative Association Act. Under BC law, community service co-ops have a similar status to that of non-profit societies. Unlike a typical cooperative that exists for the benefit of its members, a community service cooperative exists for the benefit of the community.


We currently farm at Westwood Farm, thanks to the generosity of the landowner.  


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