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Seniors Growing Seedlings

This spring, Growing Opportunities was joined by 11 volunteers over six weeks who produced more than 1,080 seedlings. The seedlings will be planted at schools in district 68/69, at Woodlands School Farm, and during Farm To School BC Spring Celebration Field Trips.

Isabelle Morris of Farmship Growers' Cooperative (and a member of the Growing Opportunities Board) shared her 20+ years of growing expertise with volunteers at VIU's Paine Horticultural Centre where the seedlings were started. After six weeks of hard work, the greenhouse bench is now full and the seedlings are taking root under the care of the Growing Opportunities team.

Later in May, schools will receive a flat of proven winners for the school garden, including direct-sow seeds, pollinator plants and crop cards to help guide educators in their care and cultivation.

A big thank you to the schools who purchased a starter pack and to our volunteers.

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