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Vancouver Island Variety Trials

Growing Opportunities acts as the mother site for the Vancouver Island Winter Variety Trials (VIVT) conducted by the Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes Lab at UBC with funding from Climate and Agriculture Initiative. The trial will identify well adapted vegetable varieties for overwinter field growing and late winter harvest on Vancouver Island.


Nanaimo Farmers Market Online

Nanaimo Farmers Market Online (NFMO) connected local artisans, crafters and producers for the marketing of local goods to the mid-island market. Through a convenient online shopping platform and coordinated weekly delivery customers shopped the diversity of a true farmer’s market from the comfort of home.


CANOVI Seed Trials

Growing Opportunities hosts variety trials through The Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement Project (CANOVI). Farmers grow, select, adapt and evaluate varieties of important vegetable crops in Canada. 


Local Seed Production

As a member of the BC Eco-Seed Co-op and Seed Trailer VI User's Guild,  Growing Opportunities produces a variety of regionally adapted crops for west coast producers. Staple crops include kale, chard, leeks, tomatoes, tomatillos and carrots. 

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