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Five Acres Farm

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In 2015, Allan and Linda Torgerson, owners of a 5-acre parcel of land in Harewood, invited members of Growing Opportunities to start farming on their property.

With fertile land now within reach of the Nanaimo bus system, a wide variety of community members and organizations assisted to get production up and running.


Nanaimo Foodshare Society and Growing Opportunities collaborate to host farmer’s markets and volunteer work parties, seniors programming, employment programs and tours for schools, community groups, and the public on a farm specifically designed for accessibility and community engagement. 

The farm is being transformed into a vibrant community space that demonstrates the potential of human-scale agriculture. It invites the community to explore a farm ecosystem with all their senses and imagine a future where food production fosters rich biodiversity, healthy soils and thriving wetlands.

Check out the Five Acres Farm Film:

The Five Acres Farm film raised over $35,000 in a fundraiser held at the Port Theatre in July 2019. The City of Nanaimo announced their purchase of the property in September 2019. (Manly Media)

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