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Westwood Farm

Growing Opportunities farms on the historic 47-acre Westwood Farm. First established in 1864 as the Westwood Daily Farm this is one of the oldest farms in Nanaimo. Originally spanning 1,000 acres, the farm was purchased by Joseph Westwood in 1864 and was passed through the Westwood family for generations, even housing former mayor and MLA Earle Cathers Westwood. Today the farm is owned by a couple from Vancouver and the farm is currently host to a variety of businesses and organizations including VI Blueberries, Glassen Farms and Growing Opportunities.


Here at Cline Farm we farm on two acres. We operate workplace employment programs and grow vegetables that we sell at local farmers' markets and through our Community Supported Agriculture program, the Farm Gate Crate. While we are not certified organic, we follow organic practices.

Westwood Nanaimo Foodshare (2)_edited.jpg
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